I am enjoying how swiftly #WineinKenya is growing. We ( Penelope & I) are already in our 8th edition and we have already visited two amazing restaurants as well as impacted many people. Two weeks ago we visited Sankara Nairobi and we were talking about New world and Old World Wines. This week we visited Caramel Restaurant & Lounge and talked about Wine Cocktails.

#WineInKenya: Wine Cocktails at Caramel Restaurant & Lounge.

#WineinKenya 6th Edition in Sankara

Here is how #WineinKenya Works.

This is a discussion that we have on twitter every Wednesday (#WineWednesday if you may) and we simply answer questions & create awareness on a given wine topic. Some of the topics we have tackled are red wine, White wine, How to serve wine, Entertaining with wine, New world & old world wines etc.

Any one can join. All you have to do is use #WineinKenya when you tweet and we will find you and answer your questions.

It will soon be an event.

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#WineinKenya Stats.

Here are some of our stats.

From Sankara.

For  Caramel Restaurant & Lounge

Wineinkenya 18.03.15

As you can see from the figures, the progress over the weeks is notable from users to impressions and posts.