Do you love wine & drink? Do you love visiting restaurants and eateries? Do you love traveling to different destinations for wild gastronomic experiences? Then you are in the right place. Resident writer, Jean Wandimi, brings you the latest in wine and drink.

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What started as wine journal on a tattered notebook has turned into a reputable wine blog. I am a Kenyan girl who was always curious about wine. I sought to understand what wine is about beyond the normal white wine and red wine label. I also teach what I learn. I have taken an active role in teaching myself about wine through the years. Whether it is through wine events, online blogs, wine classes, communities and wine trips, I am always looking for interesting stories to cover here. I have been lucky enough to work with global brands and visit different wine countries. I am on a mission to visit all the wine regions in the world. Meanwhile, these are my stories so far.


How I got started in wine

My first wine bottle was disappointing. I remember buying it from one of those wines & spirits outlets in Nairobi. I served it in a plastic tumbler and hated the first sip. It was astringent and somewhat bitter. “Is this how wine is supposed to taste? There has to be something better“, I told myself.  And so I began. I got on my laptop and searched for the term “Wine in Kenya”  and “Wine events in Kenya” and found very little information. I had an old notebook where I would scribble what I was learning. In a few months, I started an online journal which was meant to be a private space for myself to learn about wine. You can see my old 2013 blog here.  

I accidentally shared one blog post on Facebook and people started asking me wine questions. That prompted me to learn more so that I could answer those questions. Through this blog, I have been able to teach, share, network and travel  for wine. I am excited to fill this space with my stories and moments. Wine has always been something that has piqued my interest for years. I started this blog as a place to share everything that I was learning about wine.

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