In May this year, I conducted my first informal wine tasting for an intimate birthday party. I have always wanted to do wine tastings for small groups and I am so happy this came to fruition. It took a friend asking me for me to bring myself to package this as a service.

What’s different about these tastings.

What I loved about this tasting was that it wasn’t like a full on serious wine training. We were flexible to add a fun element as it was a birthday party. Everyone learned about wine but most importantly, we had fun. As a self taught wine enthusiast, I know that learning about wine can still be a fun and inclusive learning experience. It does not have to be a complicated, intimidating, jargon-filled session. Through my tastings, I am trying to demystify the tasting process. FUN remains an integral element for me so most importantly, I want people to have fun and also share what they are learning.

I loved that the chefs came up with a Kenyan menu that we could base our wine list on. In developing food and wine pairing menu, we opted to start with the food/ wine as a base. Most people will already know the type of food they intend to serve at their event ahead of time.
During this event, incorporating our local cuisine in wine and food pairings was perfect as people could interact with the food they are used to and find out how wine pairs with it. We also went on a trip around the world with our wine. We had wine from south Africa, Australia, Argentina and Germany.

Special thanks to
– Wangari @ youshouldwine (on IG) & @Mwake_22 for wine consulting, menu dev & food consulting.
– Chef. I’ll share the details when I get them
– The birthday girl and guests.
This was a joint effort and I am glad everything turned out so well.

When I shared about this event, many people (Let’s be honest about 4 people), asked me if I can create this as a service. You can now book this if you have a party or get together (formal/ informal) and need a wine tasting or pairing session.

My services include

  • Wine and food pairing consultation.  (In such an instance, I will recommend the wine given your menu. I will provide you with a whitelist and contacts of wine stores. The guest covers the costs and logistics of the wine. i.e.. getting the wine to the location).
  • Conducting the wine tasting depending on your theme.
  • Storing advice (i.e. Chilling etc)  & serving the wine where necessary.
  • Table setting & bringing the glassware if necessary.

NB: We will work together to ensure your event is a success.

To book or request for rates, please contact me at