On the 8th edition of #WineinKenya we had the chance to visit Caramel Restaurant & Lounge. I think I should just move there because I have already visited it so many times this year & I will be heading out for their Ladies Night Later in the day. On a normal day their signature cocktails go for 950ksh but today & every Wednesday Night they will be 475ksh. An amazing reason to call up your girls.

ladies night

Aaaaaanyway. Back to Business.

Wine Cocktails is the topic of the day. This time I am joined by @penelopekirui, @NgugiMuthoni and the Caramel Restaurant & Lounge  management (Austin & Allison Ko). Austin is well versed with wine and he takes us through a sensory journey. We try two cocktails.

1) Crimean Cocktail

Fat Barrel Sauvignon Blanc
Garnish-orange wheel
This was cocktail was very icy and zesty. The ingredients brought forth this amazing taste & coolness that was perfect with the hot weather. It also had a small kick and it is a cocktail I would order on a night out with a bunch of friends. This will definitely get you in a great mood.
2)White Sangria
Quereu  Chardonnay-crispy & zesty to bring out the fruit flavours.
I have never had bananas on an alcoholic cocktail before but this white Sangria instantly reminded me of brunch cocktails. It is something that you would prepare for your family on a Sunday afternoon. It was low on the alcohol but high on the fruit flavours.
Wine Cocktail Tips
  • When You are making sangrias, there is no limit to what you can do. Chop some fruit into haphazard chunks and drop them in a pitcher with ice and wine. 
  • Try putting berries if you want some colour.
  • If you are using white wine and you want to add some colour to the cocktails, there are three things that you can add. Midori, Blue curacao & grenadine.
  • Wine is meant to be enjoyed on its own so unless you are adding sugar syrup (One-part sugar, one part water reduced over low heat) or soda don’t add spirits to the wine.
After the cocktails we explored the wine list and we tasted around 12 wines. We ended the night with a glass of B & G Brut Chardonnay.
I will write wine reviews of the wines that we tried in subsequent posts.
All wines available at Caramel Restaurant & Lounge. ABC Place, Wes
Photography by Penelope Kirui