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I love rose wine and I went on and on about how I think people sideline it on this post. It is not every day that you will hear someone confessing their love for rose wine. You will always hear, “I love red wine” or “I’m a white wine kinda guy” etc.


Reasons to love this Rose

Cinzano Rose displays a lovely rose color in the glass. It has a gentle mouth-feel of bubbles on the palate. It is alight wine . I’m thinking that it is an ideal wine to make a toast on a girls night in during this festive season. It is creamy and sweet. Not the sort of creamy that weighs heavy on the tongue but a refreshing on. It has a sweet finish.

Expert Food pairings

It is deal for toast, serve chilled.

Goes well with various fruity salads such as orange salad with olives and fennel.

Ideal with dessert such as Tiramisu and sorbets.


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