First off, let me thank everyone who participated in my first Cinzano Giveaway. Congratulations to Risper Romma and Joram Karanja for winning a set of champagne flutes from Viva Global Limited. You can still win by answering the questions at the end of this post.

I introduced you to a range of sparkling wines from Cinzano and I’m reviewing them in my Wine Series . I’m taking the time to review sparklings because we are in the festive season. Many bottles will be popped, toasts made and wine will be drank. What better way to celebrate than to buy sparkling wine? And when you do, at least you will have nice glasses to toast from. It is as easy as participating in this giveaway. 😉

Cinzano Asti Wine Review

The first sparkling that I reviewed was the Cinzano Gran Dolce. You can read the review here.

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The Cinzano Asti sparkling wine is crafted with care from Moscato Bianco grapes, respectful of the venerable wine making traditions of the illustrious Asti D.O.C region in the heart of Piedmont. It is the most renown of the Cinzano wines.

Its charm, light, gentle bubble and sweet fruity taste, elevate each and every moment. You will want to serve this wine chilled.

Food Pairing

It is the perfect wine for Christmas after you have eaten. because of its sweetness, it is a very great dessert wine. You can have it with light cheeses, cake or fruits.

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