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Lately, there have been so many wine events in Kenya. As a wine enthusiast, this warms my heart so much. Here are some wine news: Also @sylarstudios did such a great job with these photos.

October 18th &19TH October 2018… Neil Groenewald head Wine maker Distell South Africa hosted two Wine tasting sessions at the Serena hotel and Crown Plaza Nairobi respectively, where wine connoisseurs were treated to an evening of wine tasting and food pairing by the Wine maker.  The sessions are one of Nederburg’s ways of educating the consumer to appreciate the extensive array of wine offerings produced within the Nederburg family.

During the tasting sessions common wine myths were debunked by the award winning wine maker.  ‘‘There’s no right way or wrong way to taste wine. It’s at times as simple as whether you like what you are drinking or not. That said, there’s often a prescribed way to taste wine, to serve wine, and to enjoy wine that reveals more about the wine in your glass and wrap up beautifully your wine drinking experience.’’ Noted Niel Groenewald who has been in the wine making industry for over 15 years. During the night, the wine connoisseurs were enlightened on Nederburg wine and food pairing enabling them to experience first-hand the beautiful wine experience.

‘‘Wine has a rich History- human beings have been drinking wine for quite a long time.  Every bottle of wine has a story to it; at Nederburg we offer an exciting taste discovery. Our wines cater to the specialist wine lovers and are at the same time beautifully balanced and accessible for everyday enjoyment. It is no empty boast that we are one of South Africa’s most awarded wineries.’’ Further stated Niel.

KWAL Nederburg Brand Manager Wangari Njiba noted the following regarding the winemaker’s visit; ‘‘We want our partners to experience our rich heritage in the wine making process from grape to glass and also demonstrate the value we offer in our premium brand offering. ’’ Since it’s consolidation with Distell, KWAL’s rich portfolio of wines has been strengthened by the addition of leading Nederburg wines like our accessible Lyric and Duet varietals, our award winning Nederburg Winemasters range comprising of leading varietals Cabernet Sauvignon, Sauvignon blanc, Chardonnay, and Shiraz as well as the Premium Manor House range of wines amongst a wide range of other varietals.

‘‘What I want people to remember from my visit and tasting sessions is that there are no mistakes in enjoying wine, experiment and taste even more to train your palate.’’ Concluded Niel.

NB: This is a press release

Photos from the event

All Photos by SylarStudios