There is a certain fascination and allure that comes from hand-crafted beverages. I think that it is the care and precision that it takes to make a small batch of anything be it a spirit or a cider.

When I visited Prowein, I  got to have a real appreciation for craft beer, craft gin, craft cider and other hand-crafted beverages. With its own special hall, the  “Same but Different showcase” was the place to be for all things cocktails and craft drinks.

There was something quite fascinating about this hall. There was so much activity going on. On one stand you culd see craft beer companies bringing their tap and bottled beer and then you would see the widest array of gin. The gin section smelled so great because some producers had even brought botanicals and herbs for people to smell and see.

Worth Mentioning


I passed by Dan Kelly’s cider who make the most amazing cider ever. They also customise their ciders depending n what the client wants and a client can choose different qualities like colour, taste and even cloudiness. They have impeccable bottling and their cider is delicious.


I also passed by Mack Myra who are producers of Swedish Single Malt Whisky. I loved their Whisky. See more in my Video.

Wine Beer?

Yes you read right. Wine Beer is a thing. A winery in Chile has created a genius product! Wine Beer. See my review here.

Niemand Gin

Apart from their impeccable branding, their gin is amazing. They added a dash tonic and suddenly, I could smell all sorts of exciting botanicals. Peep all that Magic here.

Malfy Gin

Another gin that I loved was Malfy Gin from the Almafi Coast. The owner actually mentioned that it may be available in Kenya soon. Fingers crossed.



I took some of my greatest photos on the same but different Hall.

Special Thanks to Messe Dusseldorf, Prowein Trade Fair and Wines of Germany for making this possible.