Ventana Restaurant in Westlands, Nairobi is the type of restaurant that most people don’t know and I am not sure why it is not talked about enough. It is such an impeccable restaurant with so much untapped potential. It is located in Bidwood Suites and I have been here twice before. One thing that stood out for me was their wraps. They have the most delicious wraps in their menu and my favorite has to be the spicy chicken tikka wrap which had me sniffing the whole time because of the pepper. The piquancy in the first bite was welcomed and I did that nod and eye close that you do when you are eating something delicious. Don’t act like you don’t you know it. I love spice and these spicy wraps came with a delicious, crispy salad. I also tried the prawn curry which was also served with rice. The restaurant has some healthy options including light salads and meals. They also have a “from the grill” section when you are feeling like indulging in some juicy platters.

The vibe of the place was relaxed and there decor had stained glass accents and lanterns. I’d however suggest that you sit outside for it is airy and relaxed. They also have a great bar but I did not get to sample the wine for I was working. This is a great place to come for brunch or business lunch for it is in Westlands and it is very relaxed.



Photography by Sylar Studios