Apart from writing for this amazing blog, The Wine and Food Review, I also got to contribute tons of articles for the Culture Trip. It was an exciting content creation platform. I also got to write for Drum Magazine East Africa, Tavern Section and create content for different corporate blogs for my Attisfire.com clients. Here is a round up of my editorial work for May and June.

1. A Gluten-Free Guide to Nairobi : Link

It may be tough for a gluten-free (GF) resident or visitor in Nairobi, but if you know where to look, you will realize that you have countless options.

2. 10 Emerging Kenyan Filmmakers You Should Know: Link

Here’s a guide to the next generation of cinematic talent in Kenya. Festivals around the world are already onto them, so if these filmmakers aren’t already on your radar, they ought to be.

3. 10 of Kenya’s Best Markets : Link

Varieties of markets in Kenya include open-air markets, meat and fish markets and vegetable markets as well as clothes or flea markets—known as “mitumba’’—where people go thrift shopping.

4. The Coolest Streets in Nairobi: Link

Nairobi officially became a city in 1950, and, since then, has morphed into a fast-paced urban center, with bustling streets, honking matatus, and towering buildings with a strong British influence. That is slowly fading, however, as this vibrant city comes into its own.

5. 10 Notable Startups to Watch in Kenya: Link

There are over 600 hundred startups in Kenya. This is made possible by the innovation hubs and accelerator programs in the country. Access to internet and a great education system are also some contributors to the increase in startups and innovation. Here are some notable startups to watch in Kenya.

6. 20 Unmissable Attractions in Nairobi : Link

No trip to Kenya is complete without at least stopping in the nation’s capital and spending some time visiting some of Nairobi’s many attractions.

7. 20 Unmissable Attractions in Kenya: Link

If you ever happen to have the chance to visit the beautiful and magical country of Kenya, there are dozens of attractions and activities enticing locals and tourists alike to explore and enjoy what the country has to offer.

8. 10 Notable Photographers From Kenya to Look Out For: Link

Kenyan photographers are some of the most inspiring creatives because of how they are always on the move and working hard on new and exciting projects. They challenge us to see the world with a new set of eyes.

9. Why Visiting Nairobi Should Be Added to Your Bucket List: Link

Those who have not had the chance to visit Nairobi are missing out, so here are some of the many reasons why you should add Nairobi to your itinerary.

10. 10 Times Kenya Proved to Be an Innovator of Tech in Africa: Link

Kenya is known as the Silicon Valley of Africa because of the remarkable companies and innovations that have emerged in recent years.

11. The Greatest Creations From Kenya: Link

Kenyans are very innovative and they make leaps when new technologies are introduced to them. There are many tech hubs in the country that encourage innovation. Here are some of the inventions that have come from Kenya.

12. 11 Epic Places in Kenya You Didn’t Know Existed: Link

Are you visiting Kenya soon or do you live in Kenya? Still waters run deep and some places, though calm and modest, rather surprise you with their charm.

13. 10 Top Things to See and Do in Kenya: Link

Kenya is both distinct and incredible, and you will never run out of exciting and memorable things to do. Below we’ve rounded up the top 10 activities that you must engage in, and the best places to see when visiting Kenya.

14. Top Unique Experiences to Be Had in Kenya: Link

Kenya remains one of the best countries to visit because of its innumerable scenic sites, national parks, hiking, and biking trails, foodie experiences, culture, beautiful beaches, high-quality coffee, and activities.

15. These Are the Unique Foodie Experiences in Kenya: Link

Read on for an insider’s guide to the very best restaurants, snack joints and all-round food experiences in this popular East African country.

16. 10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Kenya At Least Once: Link

Long after you have left Kenya, there are some things that will stay with you forever – little treasures, both tangible and intangible. You will occasionally remember the faces, the journeys, the tastes and sounds and you will smile to yourself because you got to experience something magical.

17. Where to Play Sports in Nairobi: Link

The most common sports in Nairobi are football, cricket, tennis, rugby, horse riding, cycling and running. One way to relax after the weekday grind is to go to the gym or field, and the weather is ideal for people who love the outdoors.

18. The Best Street Food in Nairobi: Link

Nairobi has an impressive restaurant scene but the street food scene is less defined than in places like Tokyo, Vietnam or Beijing. There’s definitely a better kerb-side food culture on the coast than in the capital.

19. Inspiring Decor Ideas From Kenya: Link

The best thing about Kenyan and African décor is that it is creative, inspiring and hard to find anywhere else.

20. The Most Spectacular Places to Cycle in Kenya: Link

Cycling is such an enjoyable sport because you get to burn calories while exploring and sightseeing, plus de-stress and bond with friends. Here’s our guide to some of the spectacular places on offer for keen cyclists.

21. 11 Unusual Foods You Can Eat in Kenya: Link

The world does not cease to surprise when it comes to strange eats. Kenya has it’s fair share of weird foods, they may differ from tribe to tribe but here is a roundup of the most unusual.

22. A Guide to Kenya’s Lamu Archipelago: Link

The coastline of Kenya has some Arab and Portuguese influence, and this tells the history of the coast. It tells stories of the trade between Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, and Lamu Island is the best place to witness this.

23. The Scenic Drives You Have to Take in Kenya: Link

Get your best friends in a car, grab a camera, and pump up the volume; we are going on a road trip! From the gridlocked city to honking matatus and fast-paced pedestrians walking haphazardly in Nairobi city, you could use a little peace and quiet and beautiful scenery. Couldn’t you?

24. The 10 Most Beautiful National Parks in Kenya: Link

There are so many ways to enjoy a Kenyan safari, including visiting national parks to see animals in their natural habitats. Each of these national parks have a unique character and feel, so take out your cameras and get ready to capture and explore!

25. The Ultimate Hiker’s Guide to Kenya: Link

Kenya has some amazing hiking trails, with varying levels of difficulty and terrain – from rocky and volcanic to steep and mountainous. To make the best of it, here’s our guide to hiking in Kenya.

26. 10 Things You Need to Know About Kenya’s Iconic Elephants: Link

Elephants are majestic and intelligent animals. There are two types of elephants: Asian and African elephants.  Here are some interesting facts about African elephants that you need to know.

27. A Brief History of Fort Jesus, Kenya’s Portuguese Fortress: Link

Fort Jesus was built by the Portuguese towards the end of the 16th century (1593-1596) on the coastline near Old Town Mombasa.

28. A Seafood Lover’s Guide to Nairobi, Kenya: Link

Some restaurants have seafood as their primary item on the menu, while others have special seafood nights. Here are some of the spots you must visit for that seafood fix in Nairobi.

29. How to Safari on a Budget in Kenya: Link

Your dreams of going on a Kenyan safari don’t have to be slashed simply because you’re on a budget. If Kenya is somewhere on your bucket list, vision board or ‘places to visit’ list on Pinterest board, keep reading.