My first TV interview was on KTN Life and style ( Books & Blogs) with Catherine Mwangi ( Head of TV Productions, Creative & programming). This was on of my most fun interview because I poured my heart and talked about what I do.


I talked about this blog, The Wine & Food Review Brand and what I do. We talked a lot about Wine in Kenya, Wine education and my travel writing. Though I have been a bit quiet on the blog & even talked about my getting my head back in the game, life moves by so fast and a day is too short to do all the things you want to do. It is always a balancing act between creating content in other channels like Youtube, Magazines and growing a company.

I also talked about my Youtube channel and the direction that it is taking. I really want my channel to grow and everyday, I wake up with renewed energy to grow my little space there. I talked about my business and my digital consultancy role. Wine & Travel writing and Digital Media go hand in hand and I realised that I did not have to chose one. Sometimes you can have more than one passion.

Appearing on TV is not a big deal for most people but it is for me. It gave me the fuel that I needed to keep going. Here is what I learned.

1. Follow your passion

Sometimes even tough you are in an unconventional field, it is okay to follow your passion. You have to fearlessly pursue what sets your soul on fire.

2. You will never feel ready.

The morning of my interview I had the ‘imposter syndrome’ and even talked about it in my #Behindthescenes Video on Youtube. That is the feeling when good things are happening to you and you question if you deserve it. Sometimes our limitation exist in our mind. I had to catch myself and snap out of it.

3. Sometimes winging it is not a bad thing

I am a very practical person. I love notebooks. I plan my day on Evernote. I love order.  I got the call to attend the interview the previous day and I was going crazy thinking that I did not know what I would be talking about at the interview. I decided to wing it. I threw caution to the wind and forced myself to be at ease ( even though I could feel the fear creeping in). The moment I relaxed, I enjoyed it so much more and we only did one take. Force yourself to relax and enjoy where you are even if you are in uncomfortable situations like meetings.

4. Show up. Do things that scare you. Say Yes!

So I got the interview last minute and even felt like saying, “No. I wont be available”. However, I am glad I said yes and everything went well. Sometimes, doing a little something that scares you isn’t a bad thing. What crazy thing have you done today?

5. Get comfortable with talking about yourself.

Yes I get there is a thin line between shameless self promotion and bragging and not everyone will like you. However, we can’t always live in fear. We have to showcase or work. You have to be willing to do the 1 minute pitch even in conversations. When people ask you, ” Hey. What do you do?”. Do you have something prepared? It doesn’t have to be ‘salesy’ but it helps the other person know you better. And you need that. You need people to know what you do. Trust me it may not make sense now but your networks are your net worth.

A template can be: Hi I work with..(company name)… and we help………./ and we provide…..

Another one can be: Hi I create/do…….. and I help people…………

I’ll be talking about this more on my #CREATEBRANDBUILD Digital Marketing Series

6. Manifest & Put it out there.

I write crazy, lofty, unfathomable things that I want to accomplish. I wrote that I want to appear in a TV show before mid year and this looked so bizarre at the time. Because some part of me had the courage to dream it up, I know that it was not a coincidence that this happened. Write down your goals and dreams.

7. The work never stops

Keep on working towards your dreams and do do do. Mini milestones are there to show you that you are on the right track and you will achieve greatness.

It is never too early to start. Start something today! I dare you.