We were running late and there was a tasting I had been invited to in Delta Towers, Westlands, Nairobi. Nyama Mama is such a fun space embellished with African accents and a rustic theme.  I was here to check out the menu and I was joined by other content creators, writers & bloggers.



The space is incredible. A little oasis from the bustle of the city and it is a great, beautiful & airy place to catch up with friends over sunset. The best advice that I would give is that you need to give yourself time to really soak in everything. The attention to detail is refreshing and everything has been carefully and meticulously selected and works in synchrony to bring out the African feel. Even the music playing in the background is African and works with the theme. Very visual with quirky touches of African print on the furniture and the waitstaff’s attire.  A place that proudly proclaims it’s authenticity and quality. I loved the bar because it was well stocked with quality liquor and glassware. You know I love bars and lounges.

-You know I love bars and lounges.-



The menu is not your everyday menu. The chef has managed to put surprising twists to your everyday meal and provide Kenyan staples with outstanding presentations. Say for example, the Mandazi & chai ice cream which is exactly what it sounds but you won’t find it anywhere else. ( I had so many questions  like how to eat ice cream in mandazi but you will see from my video that you just need to cut and eat it fast before the ice cream melts) The githeri was served with avocado and Kachumbari. Not unheard of but deliciously different! The chicken waffles were so delicious and are a must have when you visit. You can view the lunch & breakfast menu here. Something else that is a must order is the Crispy Tusker BBQ pork belly with mashed potato. You will thank me later. The cocktails are incredible. There is something for everyone and they use quality alcohol like Don Julio tequila, Bulliet Bourbon, Gordons gin, Johnnie Walker Black label, Martini Rosso, Ketel One Vodka & Hennessy VS.

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I’m dying to check out their wine menu!

Thanks to Shk Consulting & The Good Earth Group.

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