To toast my getting my head back in the game, I am reviewing some wine that had this weekend.

P/s These wines were sent to me but the following review is my honest opinion.


Dion Wines & Spirits East Africa sent me some wines to try. They sent me the Trumpeter 2016 Sauvignon Blanc and the  Trumpeter 2015 Malbec. These are some wines from Rutini, a winery in Mendoza, Argentina.  If you know about the rich history and terroir of Mendoza, you know that they produce some brilliant Malbecs. The soil, history, topography, climate, altitude and position are perfect ingredients to produce some fine wines.

Trumpeter 2016 Sauvignon Blanc Tasting Notes


I started with the Sauvignon Blanc which was straw green/ yellow. It was very fresh and smelled of citrus and tropical fruits. It was a well-balanced wine and it tasted of the same fruits as registered on the nose. This is definitely a great wine for a relaxed weekend.

Trumpeter 2015 Malbec Tasting Notes


The Malbec was spicy and it had unique flavours of cinnamon, black pepper suitable for the developed palate. This wine was up my alley because I love such bold and full bodied wines. I just think such wines have so much character and would be ideal for the Kenyan palate because:

  1. Kenyans love spice and flavor.
  2.  The food we eat would be perfect with the wine because of its flavour profile.

The wine is now available in Kenya via Dion Wines & Spirits East Africa.  You can buy the wines in Chandarana, Karen Provision Store, and in


* Kindly note that my wine reviews are intended for wine education purposes only and TWFR does not encourage underage or excessive consumption of Alcohol. Please Drink responsibly.