I have stories to tell. Lot’s of stories. I have experiences to share, places to be, dreams to fulfill and a life to live. But all the things I have to do, words I have to say, are buried deep within. The secret to getting them out is to start.



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It has been a while since I posted on the blog. If you know me, you know that I started my blog as an online journal for the wines that I was tasting but it has grown to something more to even incorporate travel, restaurants, interviews and some personal articles. So let me update you on why I have been so quiet.

You know shameless self-promotion is not the easiest thing because we live in a world where people are always judging you. But in order to thrive, you cannot keep living in fear, wondering what x person will say about you/ your work. The best you can do is take your craft seriously and promote your damn self. How do you expect to be taken seriously if you can’t take yourself seriously? Be your own hype man (or woman)! Long before anyone can love/revere your work, you have to be your only fan.

Travel– In 2016 I started telling travel stories with the focal point being Wine & Food. Early this year I traveled to Zanzibar and worked remotely for two weeks. That was great! I am still editing images, footage and I hope to bring you amazing posts on that. I also started a travel series on Zanzibar and you can check it out on Youtube.

Milestones-I got featured on Daily Nation and I was so thrilled. I remember writing down 2 years ago that my blog would be featured in a national Daily. Looking at those words in my journal just make me laugh and thank God. Put it out there!

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photo by Jennifer

Work– I have a startup, Attisfire and we provide digital marketing services for small & medium businesses. Ever since I started my Digital Agency, a lot has happened and I have since (involuntarily) reduced postings on this blog. However, now that things are getting better, I am getting the hang of things. I was doing a balancing act, to be honest. Between working on assignments, running a company, a blog, consulting etc, the blog sort off took a back seat.

Creative Projects – I have been filming a lot. I am so happy that what used to terrify me is now exciting me. I have so many Youtube projects coming up. My channel is also growing slowly and I hope to offer a multifaceted approach to it. I wanna keep doing my wine pieces, food, travel and hopefully talk more about digital Marketing. My goal is to bring everything into synergy so that it all makes sense. No one has it all figured out!

However, now that things are getting better, I am getting the hang of things. I was doing a balancing act, to be honest. Keep it here for upcoming content! Thanks for stopping by!

I’d also love to know what you are up to and what keeps you going as a creative!