Comparative tastings enable you to compare different whiskeys with different qualities. It also helps different qualities and flavor profiles stand out more. For example, comparing a whisk(e)y distilled once with a double distilled one and a triple distilled one helps one discover distinct differnces.


Yesterday I attended a whiskey mentorship & launch of the Jameson Black Barrel. It was an intimate event with less than 10 guests who included whiskey enthusiasts, journalists and industry experts. Antony Owich , who is the Jameson brand ambassador, took us through the tasting. The tasting was similar to this one but we now delved deeper and discovered more abut the Black Barrel.

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About  Black Barrel.

This particular whiskey will be coming in the Kenyan market and it has been matured in charred barrels. What happens is normally whiskey is matured in sherry casks or bourbon barrels for  years. In this case, the casks have been charred/ touched with fire, thus giving the whiskey a characteristic smoky smell and smooth finish. The smokiness was not an “in-your-face’ smokiness as in the Bourbon & Scotch that we tried and it went down smoother. The process of charring the barrels has to be the most painstaking process ever because it has to be uniform. This reduces inconsistencies and ensures that a person taking a Black Barrel in Kenya, will have the same experience as a person enjoying it in any other part of the world.

I will be reviewing the whiskey as well as giving more info in a video on my Youtube channel. Stay tuned!








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