Pick your liquid guilty pleasure at the Pool Bistro and Bar at Leopard Beach Resort. Pretend to work as you type haphazardly on a laptop but what you are really doing is relaxing and letting your mind wander. LBR had all the ingredients to make my stay there feel amazing. From the impeccable villas, views, food and good service. Good things come to an end and I was feeling that my stay was a bit too hastened. This did’nt stop me from exploring the property.


The resort has so many restaurants and bars within and I managed to check out some. Even if you have a demanding palate, you will always find something that will excite you in their menu. Every day begins with a hearty breakfast ranging from pastries, fruit, meat, tea, coffee, sweet potatoes, etc Horizon Restaurant & Terrace provides such an open plan seating area that overlooks the ocean and palm trees. That was one of my best places to eat during my stay there. The Pizza & Pasta Tornatti served Italian food. There was also the Coco Beach and Coco Mchana which served seafood and traditional food. There was also the Chui Grill which as, the name suggest offered delicious and juicy grilled seafood and meat.

In terms of wine and drink, you can easily get something that you love and you will find bottles of your favorite spirits. The wine list is pretty comprehensive in terms of scope and price range. The drinks are a bit pricey but the bar and views are to die for. You can also get cocktails and beers.

The property sits in a very large area and there is so much to see and do. The villas are very beautiful and well kept. I also had a chance to chat with the General Manager, Mohamed Omar. He shared some amazing insights with me about the property. I would not have completed my interview without asking him questions about domestic tourism. Locals sometimes feel that these places are not accessible to them because of the high prices. He told me that while this might be true, LBR has amazing offers for locals and the trick is to book early. Keep your ear on the ground and look for those deals on hotel websites. LBR also has rooms that range from standard, superior to villas so that people can book depending on what they deem fit for them. However, also be very aware of peak seasons. He also shared a lot about Diani Beach and the strides that it is making in tourism. I was impressed to learn that the major hotels in Diani all collaborate rather than compete. For eampe, when one hotel may have the strength of having impressive conference facilities and capacities, if it does not have enough rooms to sustain the numbers of visitors using the conferencing facilities, the hotels can collaborate and one can provide accommodation while the other provides conferencing facilities. Think of it as a symbiotic reationship. This resort also prides itself in having a very great spa, the Uzuri Spa. One very peculiar thing is that the hotel was constructed with nature in mind and you will find so many trees and canopies.

If you travel to Diani. This is a must-visit.

PS: I also started experimenting with a new camera and I am loving the feedback on my photos.

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Kid’s playing area.






pic/ @dan_waiharo

Mohamed Omar, Jean Wandimi, Muthuri Kinyamu & Dan Waiharo. pic/ @dan_waiharo

Mohamed Omar, Jean Wandimi, Muthuri Kinyamu & Dan Waiharo. pic/ @dan_waiharo

If you want to learn more about this hotel, I did a YouTube video about my Diani trip. Find out the other things I did and places I ate, here.

Thanks to KTB & #twendemara team, Leopard Beach Hotel for hosting us and Uber Kenya