Putting yourself out there is some scary business but if you are gonna be some sort of authority in your field, you have to create a lot of content. I had been ignoring video content for so long feeling that it exposed one to criticism, ridicule and the possibility of failure. However, putting yourself out there also has it’s strong points. Either I live in fear, or I continue doing what I love. I had planned my channel for so long and I kept shooting down every video that I recorded. It was one thing or another. I kept chickening out and tearing myself down.

However, I decided to make a shameless move and once I got over the initial fear of uploading my channel trailer, everything else fell into place. I loved the response when I shared it on Youtube and I am looking forward to uploading more. One thing I learnt is that you have to keep testing and creating content. Striving for perfection can cause paralysis and you end up doing nothing. I still have a long way to go when it comes to putting my videos together but practice makes perfect. If you have something great that you want to do, do it now. If it is on your mind, you should probably do it!

I will be uploading videos that revolve around food, wine & travel.


Videography by Sylar

Digital Media & Strategy Attisfire.com