Mama has gone back to her childhood roots, preparing home-style dishes with a modern eclectic twist.

When was the last time you drank off a metal cup. The last time was in my grandmother’s house on a cold, foggy day in Nyeri. I was drinking some hot creamy tea with some roasted sweet potatoes. The type of tea that forms a thick, creamy layer if you talk for too long and forget to keep sipping and stirring. The tea that is made with milk fresh from the cow. To be honest, I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the same metal cups replicated in a restaurant setting and used to serve cocktails.


I attended a menu tasting of the newly opened Nyama Mama Express restaurant in Yaya Centre. I had seen people talking about the place on twitter and I was looking forward to see what was in the menu. The restaurant menu comprised of authentic East African cuisine with offerings like Ugali Fries, Chapati, Kachumbari, Mukimo, Sukuma wiki (kale), tree tomato and the best ribs ever. The ribs were amazingly tender and the meat tore right off the bone. They were glazed with some delicious bbq sauce and all the guests were begging for seconds. This is a great place to take someone for lunch or dinner. If you are having some friends looking to try some African Cuisine, this is the place.

I also had a signature cocktail that won me over. It was called the Blue Mount. The cocktail was made of pepper infused tea, aperol, lime, pineapple and sparkling wine. I love how they incorporated Kenyan tea into the menu. Mama’s mule cocktail with Ketel One vodka, Kisampa Honey, Fresh ginger and lime also impressed me.

The decor is amazing and they use neutral palettes for their colour scheme. However, the metal cups are so colorful and the plates and trays are of white with soft browns. They hold their cutlery in recycled tins and I loved how well everything blended together.

Here are some photos.




Ugali Fries with Garlic Sauce



Chicken Wings


Grilled Halloumi with Sukuma wiki & tamarillo (tree tomato) chutney.


Blue Mount Cocktail


New York style cheesecake with blueberry compote and white chocolate shavings.



Beef chapati quesadillas

Photography by Sylar.

Thanks Shk Team.