I do not have a sweet tooth but sometimes I get cake cravings. I got invited by OLX to attend their event, Cake Art Fair, at the Aboretum Grounds this Saturday and I was looking forward to sample cake. I skipped lunch so that I could eat as much cake as I could and then I would figure out a way to get rid of the calories later. I miss those days when I could eat anything and not over analyse whether it had calories or not.

The event started on a high note at 12 pm and there were many vendors displaying all types of cake on their stands. I was looking forward to get to know different cake companies and to try what they had to offer. I met so many homebakers. I met a lady who makes some delicious cupcakes but she does not have any online presence so I cant link here here. I remember telling her how important it is for her to brand herself and take her business online. We had an interesting chat and I am sure she got some invaluable insights.

The event encouraged bakers, food vendors and artists to post their stuff on OLX in a bid to promote the food and drinks category under the Agriculture category. Agriculture is a new category that OLX has introduced to their platform. Food and drinks is a sub-category. I think this weaved in with what I was telling that vendor. Sometimes it may feel awkward to promote your craft online but it pays to do so. If you want sales, subscribers, readers you must shamelessly promote yourself.

Here are some of the cakes that were on offer. There were also some musicians, poets and artists present to give the event some flair.