Talk about thinking outside the box. This event was exciting and creative and it showed me what it means to put a twist to a wine tasting. You do not need glass tables, super clean squeaky floors and experts who talk in wine jargon only. Sometimes you can use a dim, dingy ,dilapidated room with a concrete wall as your backdrop. You are allowed to replace crystal chandeliers with normal bulbs. You are allowed to let pet dogs walk in the tasting room as casually as they please. You are allowed to bring young winemakers to the forefront. You are allowed to pair your wine with hot dogs. Forget tapas and bitings that you cannot pronounce or spell.

The winemakers & the wines were amazing. I had a conversation with a few winemakers and I will even be interviewing one on the blog soon. I am always impressed when I see young people making huge moves and building something of their own. It’s good to know what you want , but it is great to go after it. You are allowed to be ‘Young and Restless’ as you work on that dream.

Zoo Biscuits are a group of young winemakers who have come together. Even though they still have their independent wine labels they collaborate and market themselves under one group. You can read more about the Zoo Biscuits here.

I can go on and on about this tasting but I will let the pictures show you what I am talking about. We also had a chance to tour the garden and take photos as we drank our wine.