I was really looking forward to the Tokyo Japanese Restaurant Wine & Food pairing dinner after my last two dinners at Monikos Kitchen and Mdalasini Heron Portico. It had been a lovely week of interacting with KWV Brands by pairing them with food from different restaurants.

I arrived at Tokyo Japanese Restaurant in Lavington a tad early and I got my camera to take the set up and food preparation shots. I always find it easier to arrive a few minutes earlier to get the feel of the place and the setup. It started raining heavily but the restaurants was pretty warm. Guest started streaming in thereafter  and they sat to start the first course. We had already had some welcome cocktails and we looked forward to the sushi and wine.

Here is a small breakdown of the menu which was unveiled on that day. There was a vegetarian and non vegetarian option for diners to chose.

Avocado Salad paired with KWV Cuvee Brut

Prawn tempura / Agedashi Tofu (Vegeterian) Paired with KWV Classic Chenin Blanc

Sushi Platter (Salmon  Philadelphia toll and tuna) or Vegeterian Sushi Platter paired with Laborie Sauvignon Blanc

Teriyaki Salmon Steak with Steamed Rice and Mixed Vegetables or Natsu-Denkaku paired with KWV Mentors Chardonnay

Dessert- Fruit Sorbet paired with KWV Cape Tawny.

I have never attended a wine and sushi pairing before and I loved this one. I did not stay for the last course but I loved the crunchiness of the Prawn tempura, the avocado salad dressing which had some peanut and the sushi platter. The wine paired well with the food and that was a wrap for my week in food & wine.

One of the highlights of my day is that I got to sit opposite the KWV winemaker, Izele Van Blerk who is so affable. We laughed a lot and she even got to tell me more about herself and her career. Expect a #Askawinemaker interview on the blog sometime in the near future.

I really had fun the last few days and I tasted some amazing wine like the KWV Mentors Chardonnay which was present in all dinners.


Chefs at work before the dinner.



Table setup



Grapolitan Cocktail



Avocado Salad


KWV Winemaker Izele Van Blerk


Sushi Platter




Prawn Tempura