I am still at Waterkloof wines. After the tractor ride and an eye opening view of organic farming, I am famished and spent. Everyone around me looks like they are about to fall down. The people at waterkloof wines are so affable and they all wait for us with a tray of water glasses. I loved the way everyone reached for the water and gulped.

Waterkloof wines have a picturesque place that would be perfect for a wedding. They even have their own restaurant that serves some of the best food. Have you ever gone to a place so beautiful that it feels surreal? Before lunch was served, we had a small wine tasting upstairs. We had an interaction with the wines before pairing them with our food.

#14 ¬†on my bucket list (which has 183 things to do before I die ūüôā ) is to have gourmet lunch with a view of a mountain/sea/ocean. I ticked it off. The arrangement of the table was so impeccable. I sat at the edge of the table facing the magnificent view of the mountain ranges and the winefarm. I sat next to Waterkloofs Marketing manager, Claudia Young Kelly, who was so nice and we chatted the whole time. She gave me some insights on the estate, the wines and her exciting role in the business.


The Menu

Kommetjie Crayfish.

Celeriax Creameux and Apple

Paired with

Reyneke Chenin Blanc 2014

Scali Blanc Blend 2013

Stuffed Karoo Saddle

Smokey aubergine(eggplant), ketchup, paprika, Baba Ganoush

Paired with

Laibach Ladybird Red 2013

Avondale La Luna 2009

Chorizo and Healeys cheddar Toasted Sandwich

Paired with

Circumstance Syrah 2012


Here are some photos of the Incredible Lunch.






The amazing restaurant.



The Setup



Claudia holding a bottle of “circle of life” Chenin Blanc



Nadia of Waterkloof wines.


The View





The company