What Is Natural Wine?

Natural wine is wine that has been made with the least use of chemicals. We all know that most wine comes from grape. There are many chemicals that can sneak in from the farm to the bottle. Think about fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides etc. Organic wine is made from grapes that have been grown without any chemical interference in he farm or in processing. Some people argue that it is impossible for wine to be 100% natural because the air is ridden with chemicals and there is some percentage that will get into the wine.

Organic Wine?

Organic grape growing means that in viticulture, no pesticides or chemicals are used in the vineyard. However this definition does not rule out all the chemicals. People nonetheless love drinking a bottle that has been labelled ‘organic wine’ because they believe that it is cleaner and safer.

Bio dynamic wine

Bio dynamic grape growing is viticulture that is organic but t makes use of  special manure and sprays that have been prepared.

For a wine to be natural, after the farm, there shouldn’t be any technological or chemical interference. Everything should take place naturally.


  • No Sulfites added.
  • Handpicking of Grapes.
  • Use of natural yeast.
  • Grapes are not handled roughly.
  • No additives.
  • Little or no machinery.

These characteristics have made people to skew their preferences to organic and natural wine and this explains all the rage. With people going green, using herbal products and all that, you wouldn’t blame them for preferring natural wine.