I recently decided to wander into the Jockey Pub at Hilton Nairobi with a friend who also doubled up as my photographer for the day. This is one of the oldest hang-out spots and it has a Jockey theme. This is a British-style pub is embellished with dollars, paintings of horses and jockeys. Part of my job involves checking out different wine & cocktail lists and advising you where you need to be hanging out when it is not that time of the month when your pocket allows you to only visit your local. I feel like it has been ages since I did a lounge/ pub/ champagne bar review.

If you are ever in town on a Friday/Saturday night looking for a place to have a drink or two, or looking for happy hour spots, this is the place. If you are well past your early 20’s and you are not particularly fond of blaring music, try sipping a cocktail as you listen to live music from Hot Sound Band. I mean, the band can even do an amazing cover of Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars. That alone had us sold.
In terms of cocktails, I’d recommend the Mojito, Pina Colada & Cosmo. The bartender fixes up some mean (incredible) cocktails.  Avoid the Manhattan. I didn’t feel it at all but you might like it. Oh, I also forgot to mention that they serve amazing spicy chicken? Tell me what your experience is like if you get time to visit.

Every Friday evening, the Jockey hosts a “Tap Night” promotion from 5pm – midnight where guests are offered an opportunity to tap and sample a draft beer on the way in to the bar on complimentary basis.  The bar also runs an extended Happy Hour from 7pm to Midnight (buy one get one free) on all draft beers.

Photos by Sylar.


Hot Sound Band


Pina Colada & Cosmo cocktails