Today on the #Winewednesday we are having a discussion on twitter with all the winelovers in Kenya. We are talking about red wine. So get tweeting. Anytime you ask a question with #WineinKenya, I will be here to answer it. 🙂

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I have been trying to justify the health benefits of red wine. My family was not one to take wine after dinner but this is a great culture. In Kenya, few people take wine at home. It is a good idea to take at least a glass of wine everyday. What are the benefits of red wine, you ask?


Why Red Wine?

  • Red wine has a chemical  called resveratrol that is heart healthy.Red wine also has antioxidants that keep heart diseases at bay  and protecting against artery damage.
  • Red wine has heart-healthy benefits than the  other types of alcohol like beer, vodka, gin, rum etc.
  • Antioxidants in red wine called polyphenols may help protect the lining of blood vessels in your heart
  • Assuming that a four ounce glass is one serving, women ought to consume one serving while men ought to consume two servings. This is the optimum amount of wine  per day.
  • Having a glass does not entirely mean that you kill the brain cells,. When people drink red wine in moderation, it can improve the brain and cognitive functions.

Written on August 20, 2014.