Beyond Coffee;

You have been taking tea and coffee for years when you wake up. You even get light headed when your body goes for long without a fix. This is the case with majority of Kenyan households. I remember how growing up, we always had a flask full of tea. The same milky tea made with Ketepa tea leaves. And if a visitor happened to pass by, we would pour him/her a cup. ūüôā

People have different preferences when it comes to their morning beverages. Some people prefer coffee while others opt for tea. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. What you consume every morning can determine your overall health. Most people have had the same coffee routine for years but have you ever thought of waking up ten minutes earlier than usual to fix yourself a healthy smoothie. Most of the ingredients are readily available. With these drinks you can sip our way to a better immune system, great skin and better mood. I love my morning cup of coffee and I love it with no milk. A friend of mine told me to try waking up to a glass of water and then try coffee when I am stepping out of the house. Sometimes this is difficult because we are always rushing to get out of the house to go to work, meetings or wherever people rush to in the morning. Kenyans are always on the rush.But we can make it work. Here are the options you should consider.

1. Mint Iced Tea

Mint leaves add a cool, invigorating flavour to this simple, antioxidant-rich tea. Research proves that drinking green tea may help fight cancer and heart disease. This tea also aids in digestion and improves our well-being.


2. Strawberry Juice

Homemade strawberry juice prepared with ripe and sweet strawberry and lime juice is not only irresistible but healthy as well. Strawberries have a variety of anti-oxidants, vitamins C, E and beta-carotene.


3. Hot Chocolate

Cocoa helps to improve your mood and may help protect against heart disease.


4. Whole Juice

The secret here is to get a blender and mix spinach, cucumber, carrots etc. In this case it depends with our preference. I usually mix kale, carrots and apples. It tastes like crap but it is full of nutrients. The amount of antioxidants you get will be amazing. Nutritionists also claim that you get a natural glow if you do this often enough. I do this once a week like on a weekend.


5. Freshly Squeezed juice

Squeeze or blend some fruit, add some ice and you are good to go. My best friend and I are trying something. I always have soda and juice in my house. My friend also loves soda so much. We have decided to cut back on soda for two months and instead take fresh juice, fresh yogurt  and water. We want to see whether it affects us in any way.


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