For all those wine lovers who have been emailing me asking me about events for 2015, here is one that you should not miss! Wine, Chocolate and Cheese under one roof. I am looking forward to this event.

Wine and Cheese pairings are easy but Wine and Chocolate pairings…Yum! I did not always love chocolate while I was younger, but I started loving it just recently. However, I remember my dad bringing me dairy milk Chocolates while I was younger and I would eat it in a week. What surprises me is that now I just eat the whole bar in a day. So you can guess how excited I am.

Excerpt from The Organisers.

The stunning Westhouse Hotel, along Peponi Road, is our location of choice for the February edition of The Wine, Chocolate and Cheese Festival. Westhouse Hotel is A One Degree South Hotel, and a one-of-a-kind site on the edge of Karura forest. The boutique hotel embodies the urban vibe fused with the serenity of the forest. The old-world glamour of the historic building seamlessly blends with stylish comfort and lends itself to the sophisticated image of the Festival.

The Festival will pair 3 distinguished treats together. Over 140 wines from all over the world will be side by side with a delightful selection of cheese and chocolates. Top Wine Brands from South Africa, Italy, Spain, Bulgaria, Uganda, Egypt and Kenya will be showcased. It’s a discerning connoisseur’s heaven, with the opportunity to sample and taste literally dozens of great wine and cheese variants. Delightful Chocolate cakes, deserts, ice cream, biscuits, pies and snacks with generous chocolate toppings will be on display. Enjoy your favorite cheese cuts paired with an international wine.

Need I say more?…

Details on Poster.

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