Sometimes, making a great predictions involves using past data and forecasting from there. Like I said in this post, Kenyans are beginning to appreciate wine. We are not there yet but 2015 looks like it is going to be a year when we see many brands coming into the market. Yesterday, I was having lunch with Tom Magara of Kenya Wines and we were discussing this topic.

We predicted more events that are skewed towards wine, more wines being served in restaurants and more visits to wine stockists. Most trends have foundations that only become apparent after time and it is fairly early to start making predictions given that I have one year’s data.


The Kenyan wine market is impenetrable because people have been used to the same wine brands for a long time. Any person who has a new wine and wishes to appeal to the Kenyan market will have to work so hard to get it out there. We are hard to appeal to.  Go to the supermarkets. The wines that are making great sales are the same old names of bottled and boxed wines. I don’t know why I hate boxed wine.

So, if you have been purchasing the same wine over and over because it is in everyone’s recommendation list/ supermarket shelf, think again. There are so many great wines out there. Take the time to look & research before you buy. You do not know what you are missing.


Distributors are increasing over time to supply restaurants and consumers. 2015 will see distributors look for robust marketing strategies to make sure that their brands stay on top. Wine brand ambassadors are cropping up. Other marketing strategies include wine tastings, sales and activations, advertisement on print, broadcast and online media.


Restaurants will push for the best wine list. Some will even ask for exclusivity. Some of the establishments already have their exclusive house wine but this is the one area that I can’t predict. However, there will be more wine dinners & activation for 2015.

Only time will tell.