I have been researching on the world of champagnes and Brut is a word that pops up many times. Brut simply means the driest of bubblies bubbly’s. These are the dry wines that dont have residual sugars. That is the reason why some Bruts are labelled as ‘dry’ or ‘extra dry’. When a Brut is extremely dry it is called Brut Nature or Brut Integral. Aside from the wine education and jargon, here is the review of the Cinzano Brut. I decided to do this as the last one because of all the reviews I have done in the Cinzano wine series, this has impressed me most.

This wine is from the Pinot Bianco, Pinot Nero and Chardonnay grape varieties from Trentino, Veneto Oltrepo Pavese and the Piedmont vineyards in Italy.

This wine has a clean, fresh and fruity taste that makes it the ideal drink for any occasion, perfect as an aperitif or accompany a light meal. an aperitif is drink that is usually taken before a meal to stimulate the appetite.


Distinct, expressive fairly intense nose with good depth. This wine smells like strawberry jam, lime blossom, apple, pears and quinces.

Expert tasting notes

A wine with well-rounded acidity and sweetness. It is lively, delicately dry and harmonious with a good structure and lovely mouth feel and energy. It has good length and texture to support the aromas found on the nose along with candied fruit, citrus notes and red berries such as raspberries.