I’ve been having a sweet tooth lately. Living alone is very great sometimes because you can eat as much junk as you please. I’m all about eating healthy and I even have  a health category in the blog but there comes a time when you crave sweet things.

Lets be honest, the common Kenyan household rarely includes dessert in the menu unless its a weekend, special dinner or when eating out. I was watching Chef Ramseys show Gordons Ultimate Cooking Challenge and he was saying how we should sometimes cook ourselves gourmet meals in the house. Go all the way to incorporating desserts when you cook.

Try Ice-cream and wine once in a while. I do not think there is a rule to that but when you are feeling like eating sweet things, try a berry flavoured ice-cream with a sweet red. This will end your tasting experience on a decadent high making your mouth feel silky. Someone told me to try the Clos Malverne Pinotage Reserve and Dark Chocolate ice cream . Fruity wine will go with ‘choclatey’ ice-cream. As I said there aren’t any standard rules when it comes to this. It’s just about experimenting.

For those people with ice-cream makers at home, you can add wine to the mixture to get a wine based icecream. I think this is a better alternative.