I’m starting an exciting series on the blog. I will be reviewing similar wines from the same brand. I will be giving you info on where to get the wines in Kenya and for how much.

Never have I been impressed by a wine so much that I wanted to review six or more wines from the same brand. It is gonna be fun and if you love wine as much as I do… Keep it here to know how you can be part of this exciting series!!!

Sometimes, will be tasting the wines with random people for the remaining part of the year and recording their comments whether good/bad! So far I have done it with friends and family but I wanna hear what the rest of the people have to say.


Joe–” This wine tastes funny. Jean, why does this wine smell like piss?”

Chris Njoro–“I always thought wine was a girly drink but hey, I love this one. Where can I buy more?’

Mercy Mukami-”This wine tastes and smells like mollases”.

Mary-‘‘Ive been drinking white wine all through but this red is so great”.

Mwangi-”I didnt like it. let me stick to my whisky.”


Keep it here for the scoop. 😀