I recently got an invite to attend The Wine Shop & Distell Patnership event at Brew Bistro. The event was held on 2nd October. If you have been reading this blog you know that I am a sucker for wine tastings. Wine tastings in Kenya do not come by easily and when they do, all wine lovers amalgamate under one roof. It is great to interact and mingle with like minded people but more importantly to learn about wine. The Wineshop announced its new synergy with Distell Kenya; who  selected TWSL – to represent two prestigious South African wine ranges in Kenya: Durbanville Hills Wine and Zonnebloem.

South African wines are famed for being somewhere between new world and old world wines. The Zonnebloem wines were exemplifying this fact. The Dubanville Hills wines were also showcasing their unique location. Nine vineyard owners from the Durbanville district liaised with Distell to create Durbanville Hills wine. The wineries are located about 20 minutes from Capetown, SA. The weather conditions in this area are very favourable to viticulture and one could tell from the wines. They were rich in quality and flavour.

There  were luminaries in the wine field and wine lovers from Kenya.  The Wineshop has always been a little piece of heaven for anyone who appreciates good wine because it stocks brands form all over the world. To know more about this establishment, read my wine bar review. I got to the venue about half an hour late because there was a bit of a downpour and the crazy Nairobi traffic snag! People were briefed at the wineshop and they headed upstairs to Brew Bistro for the tasting. The tasting happened in an open plan style. Guests got a glass of chardonnay as they got into the establishment. I love this winetasting style because guests can enjoy their wine at their own pace. There were six stations each with a wine expert to answer the questions. My favorites for the night were the Durbanville Hills Pinotage and the Zonnebloem Sauvignon Blanc. The Pinotage was very rich and it had raspberry  & cherry flavours that filled my mouth. It had some tannic taste and I imagined that it would go well with some pork. I’m yet to try that pairing.

The wineshop are having a special offer where you can get to try these wines at a discounted rate. Make sure you take advantage of this offer and make sure you try that Pinotage. 🙂 Special Thanks to The Wineshop for the invite.

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Here are Photos of the event.

IMG_7417           winemaker











Sommelier Juan Cambil


Sommelier Lisa Gorde and Sommelier Geoffrey Kariuki (Wineshop)



With Mr James Ochse from Zonnebloem wines


All Photos by Akili Blaq of Dextraw Media.