Casillero del Diablo Brut Chardonnay is a sparkling wine is made entirely from Chardonnay grown in the Limari Valley. If you are having a celebration, I would suggest this bubbly wine. The Limari Valley is North of Chile and it has a great climate and soils that favour viticulture. There are cold Pacific currents to the North and West.  This is one f the best sparklings and it exemplifies the favourable conditions of the Limari Valley.

Most people who know the Casillero del Diablo wines know the Brut Chardonnay. This wine is citrusy and has an oak taste because of the ageing process. It is an ideal wine to pair with seafood.


Winemakers Notes

Flavour: The minerality appears first and strong. The acidity is marvelous and friendly thanks to the fruit character mainly lime and quince. Some small touches of yeast lift the elegance thanks to the presence of Pinot Noir.

Food pairings: It is ideal as an aperitif composed by fish, shellfish or crustaceans. Japanese cuisine is the perfect alliance specially if you love to spice it with wasabi and soya sauce.

Aroma: The first impression delivers the Limarí Valley’s austere citric notes. Green apple aromas stand out over a mineral base, complemented by hints of clay biscuit, to create a fresh, highly aromatic wine.

Colour: Bright with a gorgeous pale yellow color. Very delicate and with small bubbles.

The Jury.

Meera Karia from Viva Global Ltd – ” I love the brut Chardonnay. Its actually my favorite Casillero del Diablo wine”.

Me- ” I loved the acidity and fruitiness. I love how the bubbles kiss your lips as you sip the wine”.

Jackson Mwangi-” Great fine wine. And very affordable too. It is something that I would recommend”.

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