I have been a tad busy during the week. I found a great job that I am very passionate about but I can still find time to write on my blog on evenings and on weekends. I had missed blogging but I have to say, I have struck a balance between work and the blog.

I had begun a series called Visit a South African Winery and this is something that I am still excited about. Today, we will be visiting Bosman Family Vineyards. I have been communicating back and forth with them and the most exciting thing is that they have an ‘orange wine range’. Interesting huh?

Bosman winery is situated in the shadow of the Limiet Mountains near Wellington in the Western Cape. The company has a rich history and it shows the commitment of the winemakers to produce only the best. It produces exceptional wine. I love that this is their ideal in winemaking.

Bosman Wines

Corlea Fourie

According to the winemaker, Corlea Fourie, “The ideal has always been to create a wine, if possible in a certain vintage, that encompasses the essence of that vintage. It should show off the very best wines of that year in one exclusive blend …”

The winery is very beautiful and the Bosman family has taken care of it for years. In 2006, the cellar underwent a major renovation but they still maintained its original features. There are thick rooms and open cement fermentation tanks. There is a great tasting room. For you to visit the winery, you have to make an appointment. (Adding this visit to my very long bucket list).

b v

The company is very happy to unveil their latest project in their search for increasingly natural wines – an ‘orange wine’ made of Grenache Blanc grapes, fermented on the skins to give additional flavour and texture. Leaving the wine in contact with the skins during fermentation adds tannins, phenols, flavour and – of course – colour to the wine, and orange wines are now  becoming fashionable the world over. I am yet to try their orange wine. Sounds like it would be a new addition to the red and white we are used to. 🙂

Another great thing is that the winemakers are very careful about the environment. They believe that if you take care of nature, it will take care of you. According to the winemaker, “We nurture the grapes to form elegant wines with pure fruit and varietal expression, and an authentic reflection of the sites and regions they are hand-harvested from,” says Fourie. “We are custodians of our vineyards from the process of grafting our vines by hand to crafting these wines by hand and this creates very real expression of our pursuit of excellence.”

bosman 1

the vineyards 🙂 Such a breathtaking view

Bosman Fides

Bosman Fides wine

Special thanks to Bosman Family Vineyards for letting me do this feature. I’ll be posting more stuff about them on the blog.