I am no tech guru but I have become a fan of wine Apps. Whether you want to educate yourself about wine, find the perfect wine to pair with a delicious dinner, or read reviews and ratings about wine, chances are, you can find what you are looking for using an App.

1.Wine Enthusiast Magazine ’s Tasting Guide This app is available in Apple’s App Store and on Google Play—is the best app for all-things wine, spirits and beer. Users can browse thousands of Wine Enthusiast ratings and reviews, or scan a wine’s UPC to retrieve tasting notes while on the go. Probably my friend and tech buff Echenze would tell me that I don’t know how to do app reviews but hey, easy does it. 2. Winefacts  I love reading interesting facts and things that make me chuckle . This app has thousands of  wine tips that you most likely did not know.

A crop of newly planted grapes takes four to five years  to grow before it can be harvested.

3. Simply wine and food I’m always talking about food and wine pairings like what wine to pair with spicy food  or how to select a food and wine list. This app has all that. If you are making beef for dinner and you need a wine, it will give you the wine types/ grape varieties and regions to chose from. 4. Hello Vino Hello Vino gently prompts users through interactive questions to find the best wine for a particular meal, holiday or taste preference. Audio reviews provide a nice touch. iPhone, Android, free.

5. The Wine coach

Laurie Forster is a wine connoisseur who has put decades of expertise into The Wine Coach. It boasts weekly wine picks, audio and video podcasts, a varietal guide to grapes and an interactive feature where users can submit questions and label pictures via email. iPhone, Android, free.

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