When you go to a party or an event. What do you order most of the time and what does it say about you? From many years of research and night outs with friends, friends of friends, and family, I have realized that the drinks people order define their character to some extent. So this is what your drink says about you.


You love sweaters a lot. V-neck or round neck. You are a bit reserved. You are comfortable with your life. You are a person to make plans but you never talk about them until they follow through. You are not the perfect company to drink with because your talks revolve around mergers and acquisitions, newspapers or the like. You are somewhat important in the society but we wouldn’t know by just looking at you. You consider yourself rich.
Gin and Tonic
You are realistic about life. You weigh pros and cons of every situation. You are comfortable. You are not shy to express your opinion. You are an ordinary man in the street but you believe someday you’ll be great.
You are a ticking time bomb. You want to eat, drink, sleep, rave, and repeat. You live for the moment. These people yell and shout when you are having a conversation or walking with them in town. You are not afraid of anything.
Mint Julep
You are sweet, calm and collected. You are a nice person to date. You are drama free and you love watching the sunset or enjoying a cold breeze in the beach.
You love being respected. You command it. You want to be important. Your talks revolve around cars, sports and football. Nothing can bring you down because you believe you have your act together. I don’t know what to say about a girl who orders beer.

Brown Bottles
Anything goes. You just want to have a good time. Hakuna matata. You want to watch the game with your boys, laugh and call it a night. You blow money fast, Tomorrow will take care of itself.
It depends on the type. You love finer things in life. You are probably energetic and a free spirit but you are serious on most occasions. You are a workaholic and ambitious but you still love to have a good time.

Bold and Brilliant. King/queen of your castle. You know what you want.
Long Island Iced Tea.
You are strong willed and not afraid of anything. You go hard!
Rum and Coke
If you are not in college you are college at heart. You are experimental. You hate routine. You are the kind of girl/guy with a bucket list that is halfway done.
Apple Martini (Appletini)
You are a health freak. You probably do yoga or zumba. You love fashion. When cleaning the house you wear short shorts or leggings and put Rihanna/ Beyonce on repeat. Drama Queen!
So many people fall in this category. You are self-centered. You love being in charge. You are independent. (You can take random trips alone). Your fashion sense is t-shirts, jeans and rubbers. Very intelligent and creative and you rarely keep grudges.
Extroverted, free spirit, Intellectual and open minded. You have 1001 ideas.
Very fun. You drink all weekend. You love making friends and you do that with so much ease. People like you. Daredevil is an understatement.
You think you are accomplished. You have money. You love briefcases and boardrooms. Crisp suits and nice cars. Your lifestyle means the world to you. You have the latest phone and latest everything. You keep up.

So what are you?