The third edition of the  Marie Pierre Wine Club took place in Aero Club on 2nd August 2014. Aero club is in Wilson Airport. There was so much traffic and we got there at a few minutes past three. It seems that we were not the only ones caught up in the gridlock because guests started trickling in at half past. My photographer proceeded to take shots of the wine displays, and after exchanging pleasantries with the people in attendance, I got down to business. I needed to know more about Aero Club and the waiter was kind enough to call me the assistant manager, Stella Mwihaki. Stella briefed me about this members club and she took me round the place so that I could see for myself.

Aero Club is a member’s only club that caters for people in the aviation Industry. It has been in existence since 1927 and it is managed by a committee. The chairmen of the club are elected yearly. This club has over 600 members from all over the world.

This was an ideal venue for a winetasting experience because it was serene.  The winetasting experience took place on one side of Aero club. On the other side, families relaxed unperturbed by our winetasting event. It was great to see and hear private planes take off in the background.


There were three companies that displayed their wines.

  • El Vino with Spanish Wines
  • Casks and Barrels with Italian wines
  • Jos Hansen with Chilean wines.
  • We had three wine companies participating:

Sommelier Juan Cambil led the winetasting experience and he explained all the wines and answered questions from the crowd. There were bitings that accompanied the wine and people learned more about food and wine pairing. There were wine stands where people would buy wine by the bottle.The event was sponsored by Basecamp Explorer Kenya and South African Airways with the support of Go Places Kenya. Some of the wines that we tasted were

  • Caliterra Reserva Shiraz Rose
  • Caliterra Reserve Sauvignon Blanc
  • Calitera Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Abeso White Frizzante
  • Abeso Red Frizzante
  • Abeso Rose Frizzante

Food was courtesy of Chef Neil McCarthy, the proprietor of The Creative Kitchen, located at the Aero Club.

I had fun with my friends. The experience was different in that it was out of town and it was more relaxed. However, I would have loved to hear some music in the background. Nothing makes a wine tasting event livelier than mellow world music in the background. The next Marie Pierre event will take place in a different venue on Saturday 6th September. Here are photos of the event. DSC00767










Sommellier Juan Cambil

Photography by Bundi Annasi Photography

More photos are available at the Go Places Sharing Moments Album.