Its 3 pm on a Saturday. The rain is threatening to pour and I do not feel like going anywhere today. I had some friends over ‘yesternight’ and soon after they left. I’m left with the emptiness and a hollowness. Post-party blues. I use the word ‘Party’ with a grain of salt because it was just a night with my friends. The music was not deafening and we had hours of spicy conversations. I’m beginning to think that we are growing old I have to say I enjoy this kind of ‘indoors party’ because it’s so fulfilling.

When four or more ladies who are friends meet in a house we talk about everything and anything. Most of my long lost friends are either married or busy at work. Life moves along so swiftly and we see less and less of each other as the years pass.

As I was left wallowing in emptiness, I’m catching up on Tyrant Season 1 and opening a bottle of Pearly Bay Sweet Red Wine. This is a Saturday Afternoon wine. It doesn’t give me that oomph! In terms of taste. Nonetheless, a bottle in the hand is worth two in the store. I settle with what I have and pour myself a glass.


What do I pair it with? This is just a lazy day food pairing. I had some leftover food from yesterday’s ‘Girls Night In’. I pair it with Crispy Fried Chicken wings and some rice. The wings were spicy with curry, pilipili and all.

Pearly Bay is a wine from South Africa from the Western Cape. Most of the vineyards in South Africa are  near the coast in the Western Cape. Because South Africa is at the ‘Southmost’ part of the continent, it has a climate that favours the growth of grapes. The climate is Mediteranean. The soils are also so fertile and they favour viticulture.

This is a wine that does not have any strong characteristics. It is simple and uncomplicated. I had downed two glasses so far before I sat to put this post up. Despite being a simple wine, I do like it. It has fruity aromas with berry flavours. It has a juicy, slightly acidic finish.

I would recommend this for informal occasions. I would use it as a table wine or a weekend afternoon wine.

It also has a very interesting caption on the back label.


Find it in Nakumatt. I bought it at the beginning of the year and unfortunately, I forgot the price.