I trusted that I couldn’t go wrong with a sommeliers opinion on wine. I did a restaurant review of the Wineshop and I bought this wine here. It has always been a ritual to carry a bottle or two or two when I visit a Wineshop. It is tantamount to carrying the memories in a bottle for a special occasion. I plan to do that when I visit a vineyard or winery someday.


This wine was originally meant to be a gift for my friend who was getting married but I settled on something else which was more appropriate for the Bridal shower. I had kept this wine for a few days and I was celebrating something personal so I popped it open. The thing about being a wine connoisseur is that even when I am celebrating, I still take time to write some reviews and I always do a small tasting of my own.


I paired the Lambrusco with some fish and rice. I sometimes like to break the rules when it comes to food pairing. I don’t like going with the conventional white wine/white meat and red wine/red meat theory. The red wine actually went well with the fish. Surprisingly well! I was worried that I would go wrong with the pairing but I was in a celebratory mood so nothing would ‘kill my vibe ‘(for lack of a better catchphrase).

I loved this wine because it was so sparkly. I have to admit, I rarely get to try red wine that is sparkly. Most sparkling wines are white. The ‘spark’ is that effervescent ‘bubbliness’ that you get  in sodas and fizzy drinks. Geoffrey had advised that it would be a great celebratory wine because of this effect.


Italy has its tradition of red, fresh, effervescent wines that are consumed throughout a meal. I got a genuine appreciation for this red and its something I would reserve for a good-news kinda day. It is not a complex wine in terms of flavour and aroma.its just a sweet red bubbly for the good times. It has 8%ABV so it is not the wine to give you a serious kick.

IMG_3861 Notes

  • It is made of  Made of mainly Marani and Maestri grapes with some Malbo Gentile and Albesotta ( I must admit I have never heard of some of these varieties. There are thousands of grape varieties.)
  •  Ruby red with gentle and persistent foam
  • Had a bright refreshing acidity.
  • It had intense blueberries dark cherry flavors.
  • I paired it with fish.

Photos by Akili Black of Dextraw media