When it comes to wine culture, people intentionally omit Nairobi out of the picture. Is it because we do not have many vineyards/wineries? I think people should include this lovely city because the culture of wine-drinking has grown at an alarming rate. Restaurants have food and wine lists showcasing their house wines. There are many food and wine pairing dinners every week. I’m yet to see proper wine being stocked and served in nightclubs. There are many so many wine bars and lounges in the city and my new found love has to be The Wine Shop along Peidmont Plaza in Nairobi. This is a wine-lovers paradise. Where would you get an experience of having brunch while the walls adjacent to you are cellars of hundreds of wines? I tried counting the wines but I lost count and gave up. This is a one stop shop for anyone who wants a fine selection of luxury brands of wine. The best thing is that they range from 750 kshs to 5000 kshs. They have wines for all occasions. The shop has an in-house sommelier, Geoffrey Kariuki. He will hold your hand and walk you through the experience of choosing a wine for whatever occasion. If you want wine for an anniversary, birthday, Sunday brunch or family dinner he has just the wine. I wanted wine for a bridal shower for my friend who is getting married and he gave me an Italian wine called Lambrusco .

This place has contributed a great deal to the Kenya wine experience because it has held food and wine pairing dinners in different establishments in the country as well as participating in events. When you get to the shop, you are greeted by exotic potted plants. I love potted plants and I always think that they inject some life into any establishment. The seating space is enveloped by the leafy plants and wine cellar walls. The shop prides itself of stocking the B&G and Hardys collection of wine . Inside the place are more wine cellars and a shopping section. The best thing about this is that they have price tags on the cellar. If you want to shop undisturbed, this is the cellar to go to. However, if you want expert advice, the sommelier is always happy to help. He will answer all your questions about wine and he will make sure that you have the best selection. Another thing that the shop has is a café stocked with delicious salads, truffles, tarts, gourmet sandwiches, fresh bread, cheese and pastries. It is a perfect establishment for a meeting because it has a relaxed atmosphere. There is mellow world music in the background. The music is not loud enough to distract you but it relaxes you as you enjoy your food & wine. The staff are very homely and welcoming. They smile at you as you order and they are timely. Nothing is as refreshing as good service.

Best 10 that caught my eye.


1. This menu.



2. This B&G collection.



3. This shopping shelf.


4. This design of storing wine at oblique angles .


5. This ‘glass ceiling’.


6. These wine coolers for red and white wine.


7. This glass table with corks underneath and of course the flowers.



8. This Magnificent Cellar.



9. This woven News-stand


10. These two wines

Trying to learn about wine? One gets to try six different wines while being guided by an expert sommelier. All this is at a price of 800ksh. The best thing is that the tasting is very detailed and well thought out. Sommeliers know that they should start with lighter wines first. During the short tasting the sommelier can take three courses of action.

• He starts with two white wines, two Rose wines and lastly two red wines.

• If customer prefers a tasting for red wines, start with lighter reds to more full bodied wines in this order (Pinot Noir-Merlot-shiraz/Syrah-Cabernet Sauvignon).

• If the customer prefers whites, start with lighter whites to more full bodied whites in this order (Pinot Gris/Grigio-Sauvignon Blanc-a blend of grapes-Chardonnay).

This 800kshs package is inclusive of the tasting of six wines and some bitings to clean the palate). Trying to learn about wine? Take advantage of this deal. I am definitely going there again. If it will mean physically dragging my friends and family there, I will. I’m sure they will enjoy it as much as I did.

I was pleased to meet some members of the Wineshop given that it was a working day.


Soraya Ladak, Director, the Wineshop and I



With Sanjay Pardeshi, Off-Trade Manager, Wineshop


Kevin (On-Trade Manager, Wineshop), Geoffrey (Head Sommelier , Wineshop) and I

Photos by Akili Blaq of Dextraw Media.