It has been a while since I did an educative post on wine. Well what are wine legs and what do they really mean? I heard the term sometime last year and I must admit that I was appalled. Well ‘wine legs‘ are what forms on the glass after you swirl the wine during wine-tasting. I will do a post where I will list all the wine jargon so that people understand what swirling, sipping and savouring means.
Wine legs are an indicator of the wine quality because the better the wine, the longer the legs. The legs also indicate on the alcohol content of the wine. Wine is a mixture of water and alcohol. the two fluids have different evaporation rates. Alcohol has a lower surface tension than water and a faster evaporation rate.This dynamic makes the water’s surface tension and concentration to rise. As a result, the legs are pushed up the glass until water forms beads. Because of gravity, the liquid moves down the glass in a streak.if you shake wine in a clear bottle you will not observe this because there isn’t any evaporation taking place.Yes, thats a Physics lesson right there! Some people call them tears of wine. In scientific terms it is the  Marangoni or Gibbs-Marangoni Effect.