The Barproject is a company in Kenya that deals with Bartender Training, Bar Catering events and Consultancy. This company has a team of experts that focuses on responding to the customer needs while offering different services.

I met these two amazing guys, Alex Dalesandro and Sabino, who are the founders of Bar Project. 
They are currently based in Malindi, Kenya but they plan to set up shop in Nairobi. They will be having mixology and bar-tending classes but they can only accommodate 7 people per time. They began the project 6 months ago and they plan to tap into the Kenyan market. I was very impressed by their cocktail sets since I have been looking for one since for ever. It is very hard to get the set in Kenya. The only thing that the supermarkets stock are cocktail shakers. Well they had three types of sets. They had the complete set with everything from the ice bucket, jiggers, bar-spoons. They also had another set that had the basics. This included the strainer, bar-spoon, peeler, shaker, jiggers and chopping board among others. This went for a price of  Kshs 7000 (negotiable). The other set did not have the kitchenware( chopping board and peeler)because you can get these things readily in the supermarket. I didn’t get the exact price for that set but its roughly Kshs 5-6000.
 Day 1 was very amazing. People thronged the Bar Projects work station where Sabino was showing his prowess in flaring and making cocktails.  They made everyone some vodka Cocktails. They used different flavours of Smirnoff. They also had different fruit mixers that characterized the different cocktails that they made. This was a very interactive session and I’m glad that Kenya is getting sensitized on different ways to take drinks. Here are a few photos to showcase Bar Project Kenya at work.

Bar Project with lovely fans

So this is how you hold a shaker.

And this is how you pose for a photo.

Sabino making a cocktail.
I really had fun. For more info Check them out here.[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]