As I try to diversify my portfolio, I have been doing some posts on whisky here and there. I attended the Jameson Whiskey Media Tasting and launch of the New Irish Pub at Galileo.

I got in a bit early so that I would familiarize myself with the concept of the event as well as take a few photos of the set up.

This was an exclusive event that had been put together by Pernod Ricard and SHK consulting. The event had about 50 guests. The Jameson Brand Ambassador for Kenya, George facilitated the tasting.

He began by giving people a bit of background information on the process of whisky making. I always enjoy listening to people sharing some facts on a drink in terms of the distillers, components and the process.
Tastings wine or whisky is a journey where an individual indulges the senses. This tasting was very unique for it did not disclose the drinks.

In the initial stage, people had to do a neutral and unbiased tasting. Sometimes, knowing the brand beforehand distorts our judgment and taste. The first drink was just labelled Bourbon. It tasted of vanilla and grass (yes grass).It had a balance of corn and oak and honey. It tasted of smoke and peat and cinnamon. It was definitely strong.

The next drink was labeled Scotch. It had a rich and smoky smell. It had a long dry and smoky finish and a very strong aftertaste. I had to take like three gulps of water to clear my palette for the next tasting.
The last drink was Jameson Irish Whisky. On the nose it was woody and floral. It tasted spicy and nutty and I could feel some hints of vanilla. It was funny to hear people’s opinions on the different tastes. It had a smooth finish. (I learnt yesterday that finish is that feeling that one gets after you take a potent drink and you feel a bit of fire from your throat to your stomach). It had a creamy finish. This quality sets apart fine drinks.
George later revealed that drink 1 was Jack Daniels which is the Number one selling whisky in the world while drink 2 was Johnny Walker Black which is the number one scotch whiskey in the world. The purpose of this exercise was to show people that Jamesons can compete with the rest. With the tagline ‘Triple distilled, twice as smooth, one great taste’ the message was home. You can enjoy this great drink at the new Irish Pub at Galileo, Waiyaki way, Westlands, Nairobi.