Wine Reviewing is great because it helps one to store information on the different wines. It also helps people to discover their palate and to know what works for them. My Love for wine is slowly burgeoning from being just a hobby to being a profession. It is not going to be easy but I am enjoying every bit of it.

On Day 1, we tasted four types of wines. Wine-tasting is a journey of the senses. We took a sensory journey from South Africa to Italy to France to Spain. These are my wine notes and they might not be so accurate because I might taste fruity on the wine while you might taste vanilla.
the four wines for the day
 1. Clos Malverne Sauvignon Blanc Sparkling Brut 
Region: South Africa, Stellenbosch.
Vintage:  Non-Vintage
Appearance/colour: Light Whitish, Straw yellow, lime whitish green
Grape Variety: Sauvignon Blanc.
Bouquet/Aroma: fruity
Taste: Crispy dry. I could taste the acidity at the back of my tongue. No tannic taste. No potent aftertaste.
Retail price in Kshs: 1,990.00
Food Pairing: this wine is used as an aperitif (appetizer) to stimulate the appetite. It goes well with salads (garden salads/vegetable salad) and meats.
Notes: We could tell that this was a fine wine for it had very tiny bubbles rising from the bottle. The finer the wine, the smaller the bubbles. This was a great sparkling wine.
2. Orvieto Campogrande
Type: White Wine
Region: Italy, Orvieto Classico
Vintage: 2009
Appearance/colour: Straw yellow with tinges of lime Green
Bouquet/Aroma: Smells fruity with hints of pineapples.
Notes: Full bodied.  Perfect for breakfast. No bubbles. ACL 13%
Retail Price: 1,475.00
Food Pairing: Perfect for breakfast. Goes well with white meat (Chicken and Fish). You can cook with it.
3. Torres Ibericos
Region: Spain
Vintage:  2009
Appearance/colour: Deep red Cherry
Grape Variety:  100% Tempranillo
Bouquet/Aroma: Ripened fruit with spicy aroma of nutmeg and cocoa.
Taste: Silky entrance in the mouth with pleasant tannins. This was my winner for the day. Its like it changes tastes as it went from your mouth, tongue and as you swallowed. It had a long and spicy aftertaste. The first taste was of deep red cherry and ripened fruit.  Retail price in Kshs: 1,940.00
Food Pairing: red meats.
Notes: aged for 12 months. Harvested in 2009. I will definitely stock this in my hose for great occasions.
4. Richmont Bordeaux Rose
Region: France
Vintage:  2012
Appearance/colour: Pink
Grape Variety: 90% Merlot 5% Carbernet S. %Cabernet F.
Bouquet/Aroma: ripe berries, black currant
Taste: tasted like beer Refreshing acidity
Retail price in Kshs: 1,750.00
Food Pairing: Great for lunch and picnics on a sunny day. Ive always thought rose wines are reserved for the ladies but on this day many men had a glass of rose.
Notes: I didn’t like this wine. My pal Mercy loved it to death. I would not stock it despite it being a Rose wine.
 Well that was my day 1 of wine tasting. Feel free to ask me anything and if you need any of these wines contact Domaine Kenya Ltd, email or visit their website