I have been bee busy during the week and the only time to make sure that I am CONSISTENT in my posts is now. I decided to buff up my blog a bit. After racking my brains for an hour or so, I decided to do something crazy yesterday. I called my pal Cate and told her about this event I had seen on Facebook.When you are a blogger/content creator you will have to get out of your comfort zone. I finished watching Revolution ssn 2 ep 22 and prepared for my afternoon out.
Sunday Afternoons are the countdown to reality. Sunday Afternoons have a certain air around them. The way I spend them defines how my week will start. The city is full of honking buses, smoke ridden air and a lot of chaos. I needed some form of escape where I would clear my head and breathe some fresh air and maybe watch the sunset.Since I did not have the time to travel upcountry and back, this was a great plan.

We got to Vineyard at around three. This establishment is in Rhapta Road in Westlands. It is a serene place that takes you away from the bustle of the city to a place where you can kick back and relax.
Now I get why this event is called “Cocktails Under the Sun’. It was so hot and we needed to cool off. We met a very great bartender, Kamau, who was skilled at his craft. So how this works is, you tell him what kind of a drink you want and he fixes it for you. All the cocktails are 400. The electroafrique DJs were playing some African music in the Background.  The bartender thought that a ‘mamba’ would be the best fit drink for us, given that was an African event and the sun was not giving us a break.We didn’t get to see the sunset because it was obscured by a canopy of trees.

The Vineyard Mamba
The bartender muddled eight strawberries and put them in a shaker, he added the juice of one fresh lime (you can use lemon). He then added one part Captain Morgan Spice and one part sugar syrup. (Sugar syrup is one part water and one part sugar reduced over some heat. The sugar syrup was made before the event). He put the ice in the shaker and he shook all the ingredients thoroughly. He then filled two highball glasses with ice and topped it up with the mixture. He put passion fruit pulp in the drink and the skin as garnish.

I really enjoyed the fruitiness of the drink for it had three fruits in one. The ice really helped us to cool off and the rum had a little kick to it. We hadn’t met with Cate for a long time so we had a lot of catching up to do. The cocktail was a sipping cocktail because of the alcohol and so we sipped it amid conversation It is always nice to hang out with an old friend and laugh the evening away.

People trickled in at 5 and the mixology stand got busy. The bartender continued making his signature cocktails and they were an absolute hit. As sunset approached, there was a slight breeze. This was just what I needed to clear my head. And the African music was so mellow and relaxing. We left at about six and this experience was somewhat therapeutic. I had the motivation to start my week in a great way.
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