We are always looking for experiences and places that make your heart skip and shudder.


Experiences that leave you in awe. And you should feel that way because good things are not only reserved for the select few. Dreams of impeccable experiences should not be dead to you because they seem so lofty.


Steenberg Farm was established in 1982 and has many offerings including restaurants like Bistro 1682, Catherina Restaurant, a spa, Wineclub and a Winetasting room. You can taste some sparkling wine on the lawn as you look at the wine farms. The hotel sits on the Constantiaberg amphitheatre and there you get to taste a few bottles of wine, try some food and interact with the winemakers. The hotel has spas, tranquil rooms, great dining space and a pool.

Bistro 1682

This place is a dream. It’s beautiful and serene and definitely going on the list of awesome places to dine. It wows you with its charm and architecture. From the moment you come from the scorching sun outside, you feel the cool air inside the restaurant and you oogle at all the meticulously placed wine bottles on the paths. Colourful and ornate chandeliers hang from the high ceilings, chiming and gleaming with every soft breeze. The staff is busy because there are so many families enjoying their lunch. Further in, the restaurant opens up to a wide sitting area with beautiful tables and more wine bottles on the walls. Ornamental branches hang from the ceiling, all intricately arranged and tied together. There are a few small tables on the middle and towards the end, there are those long tables that accommodate large groups. On the walls, there are a few chalkboards with the menu specials and you realise that the menu is so extensive that each chalkboard has different offerings. The waiters promptly come to take your order and chat with you on the recommendations (if you are torn between the steak and the fish). There is also soft mellow music and a picturesque view of the lawn and fountains outside. You would expect the place to be insanely hot given that there are so many people, but there is a welcome breeze to cool everyone off. The menu excites and impresses. From service to taste and presentation, everything had been well thought out. The desserts are so delicious.

A little bit of mingling & bubbly before lunch.

How beautiful.

So satisfying!

With Karl from Hong Kong.

Drinking wine we can’t pronounce.

Special thanks to Steenberg Wines, WOSA (Wines of South Africa) and Bistro 1682.