On Saturday, The Wine & Food Review was on location At the Nairobi Museum for the 2nd Nairobi Cultural Festival

It was a fun filled event and different countries showcased their culture and food. We attended the event with Maryanne ( a great friend of mine).  Among the countries that showcased their food and culture were Kenya, Mexico,Finland , Japan, China and The Philipines. I learnt so much and I was juggling taking notes and taking photos ( I need an assistant).
Every country showcased their culture. I will document the day in a series of photos and I will do a post later on the specific foods that stood out for me.
 In the Finnish stall there was free candy and Liquorice too.


I won a Muumin Mug.  Muumin is a Finnish Cartoon Character










One of the highlights is that I met a fellow food blogger Jer from Jercocktails Shes a  lovely lady. You can check out her blog.

My pal Maryanne