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Hi. How is your new year coming along? I know I know… It’s been crickets on the blog because life happens. I had other more pressing writing assignments and the blog just took a back seat involuntarily. But shes back!

This year, I plan to bring you more intentional stories about wine & drink. If you have noticed, I rarely write about food nowadays. However, my domain thewineandfoodreview includes the word food. It is also very hard to actively talk about drinks and leave food out. However, my main focus is on drinks. I will however occasionally bring you food stories.

I hope to travel more this year because of the blog. I want to document more stories like I did last year. Last year, I brought you food, wine & travel stories from Kenya, Zanzibar and the Western Cape. I want to spread my wings this year and even go beyond Africa. Amen!

Let’s talk about Cream Liqueurs though…

It is no longer considered as a ‘girly’ thing to say that you like the ‘creamy’ stuff. Cream liqueurs are making their way into the market and they are gathering their adherents as they go. We look at the top cream liqueurs in Nairobi.

Cream liqueurs are a great way for people to enjoy alcohol responsibly. They are sweet and they make amazing cocktails and they can even be used to prepare food! They generally have cream and spirits as part of their ingredients. Here are some cream liqueurs to warm you up this season. If you plan to indulge, remember to drink responsibly.

Baileys Irish Cream

One of the most famous cream liqueur is Baileys Irish cream that has dairy cream and Irish whiskey as ingredients. This particular drink has won accolades as one of the best selling liqueur in the globe according to a report by Wines and Spirits International. It is perfect when poured over ice and makes a great drink for a night in. It has an alcohol content of 17% and it can give you a  sneaky kick due to its sweet nature. It is very versatile when it comes to making cocktails.

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Amarula is Africa’s most recognizable cream liqueur brand and is made from the fruits of the marula tree. It is celebrated in Africa because of it’s authenticity and originality. It embodies the spirit of Africa. The marula fruit is one with appeal and it is referred to as ‘ The food of leaders and kings’. The marula tree makes a local brew that serves as  libations. In pubs and lounges in Nairobi, bartenders whip up some amazing Amarula based cocktails. Remember the Colada Cocktail we had in Casbah Lounge in Heron Portico?


Magnum Cream liqueur made entry to the Kenyan market with a bang. It is made from real Dutch cream and highland scotch. In fact, it has a unique metallic bottle that resembles a milk can if you look closely enough. It is thick and luxurious and makes the best cocktails. Magnum participated in the 2015 Nairobi Restaurant Week and people got to enjoy the different cocktails in participating restaurants and lounges. My favorite was an espresso martini from Caramel Restaurant & Lounge. On its own Magnum displays a burst of whiskey flavours and they gradually disappear as you indulge.

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Molly’s Irish Cream

This cream liqueur is made from Irish whiskey and Irish Dairy Cream. It is produced by a family owned company called Terra and it is one of the flagship cream liqueurs that they produce. It displays hints of whiskey milk and even chocolate flavours. Molly’s Irish cream also goes well with cocktails but the producers urge people to avoid mixing it with citrus mixers and lean towards coffee and chocolate cocktails. Molly’s on the rocks is the best option.

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Wild Africa Cream

I had my first encounter with this cream liqueur when I was working at Slater & Whittaker. It is a blend of caramel,  cream and distilled spirit.

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Cookies & Crazy, Marshmallow Pop and Inca Gold

I also encountered these at Slater and Whittaker Wineshop. I actually loved Cookies & Crazy because it had this amazing creamy consistency. it smelled so good and had flavours of cookies and chocolate. I love it with ice. However, I know it has potential to make great cocktails and I have to experiment with it some more. As the name suggests, marshmallow pop is also a creamy liqueur with flavours of marshmallows. Inca has coconut, vanilla and caramel flavours. Learn more here.

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