Wines of South Africa (WOSA) have organised the best global showcase of their stellar wine. See, what I love about this is that they have brought out 12 wine & travel bloggers from different parts of the globe. I feel so honored and humbled to be part of this and to be representing Kenya. You guys have been following my journey from when this blog was practically a wine journal and you know how we have tried to spread our wings.
I love that this trip is so interactive and forces people learn and get out of their comfort zones too. We have been divided into 4 teams (red, blue, green and yellow) and we are taking part in a range of activities and challenges to see which team wins. However, we are all experiencing a range of activities together. These include winery tours, restaurant visits, hotel visits etc.
The mission was off to a rather exciting and juicy start with an informal Braai (famous South African gathering with lots of food, drinks & meat on open fire)hosted by Pete Gottgens, GM of Asara WIne Estate and Hotels. We were watching the sunset and meeting the other participants. This was such a great way to welcome us. We tried different grilled meat, potato salad, biltong, skewers and of course, bottomless wine among other foods.
On the first day we were staying in this beautuiful wine estate called Asara wine which is like paradise. I will be updating the blog with stories about food, wine & travel.
If you are thinking about experiencing the Western Cape region of South Africa, you  should. There is so much to do, see and try.
Asara Wine Estate is the perfect representation of everything that I had been reading about why wine does so well in South Africa. There are vines on steep slopes, others on flat slopes and this showcases the topography. One can also feel the breeze and winds coming from the ocean. The weather here keeps on changing. I also learned that the soil here is  great for viticulture. These three elements  Climate (weather over time, currents, rain, sunshine etc) and Terroir (soil) and topography) make this an excellent canvas for stunning wines.
*I’ll be bringing you stories on things to do, wine etc.

Gin Cocktails at Sunset.