Contrary to popular belief, wine is not complicated. Just like art and music it takes time and effort to truly discover what works for you. This involves experimenting and regular tasting. In Kenya, a very small percentage of people drink wine.

Here is to challenging some assumptions that people have about wine. Some of these things that you have heard are not true.

Wine Myths Debunked

1. Expensive does not guarantee quality.

2. Screw capped wine can age as well as corked wine.

3. A massive wine bottle does not necessarily mean that the wine is good.

4. Not all wines that should be cellar-ed are red.

5. If a wine has been blended with two grape varieties, this does not automatically mean that the wine is great. Blending does not guarantee quality.

6. Red wines are not necessarily sophisticated than white wines.

7. You do not have to always pair red wines with red meat and white wine with white meat.

8. Old wines are not always good wines.

9. People say that champagne doesn’t age well but it does!

10. Sweet wines should not always be paired with dessert.